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High Integrity Die Casting - 
A Holistic Approach to Improved Die Casting Quality Visi-Trak - Stop Porosity┬░ - Save your margins Visi-Trak Part Traceability Visi-Trak 360┬░ - Plan wide process monitoring Visi-Trak Shot Control

High Integrity Webinar

Better Decisions

Happy about Better Decisions

Key Operational Insight:

  • Understand the causes of downtime
  • Optimize equipment utilization
  • See what's happening on the floor
  • Make better business decisions

Better Castings

damaged oilpan

Prevent defects like:

  • Trapped Gases
  • Material Separation
  • Shrinkage Porosity
  • Blistering, cracks, and leaks

Better Margins

profits are up

Increase your bottom line:

  • More Shippable Parts
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Increase OEE
  • Produce Higher Margin Parts


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